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Theology chat

  • To enlarge chat to fullsize window, click the [Float] button. To reduce chat again click the [Embed] button.

  • When you entered this page, the chat loaded a handle for you, to change your handle press the [nickname] button.

  • Use the [options] button to establish color preferences for other then normal text. For normal text you can hit a color on the color bar or simply hit a number such as 1,2,5,8..etc for a corresponding color, white being 0 and light grey at the other end of the color bar being 15.

  • We do not recommend pressing the [rooms] button, as it will load up to 1000 irc chats, possibly locking up your browser. Additionally many of these chats are of adult nature. If you do load another room, you can return to Theo chat by pressing the [#group-10...] button next to the [status] button.

Please wait for the chat to load, it may take a few minutes.

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