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Theology chat is for the reasonable debate of theological questions, doctrines, and beliefs. Theology chat allows the discussion of theology from different belief systems, and as such, we do not necessarily agree with the theology of some participants.

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  Please observe our rules while using the forums. They are there to help ensure your visit to Theology Forums is an enjoyable one. Rules are listed on the moderators page.  

  Theology ICQ interest group and IRC CHATROOM- When you join the Theology ICQ interest group, your personal ICQ communication panel will be placed on the group site. Do this by pressing "view my interest group" button, then press the join group link once at the group site. To chat on #IrCQ-Net, go to the group site below then just enter your ICQ handle and ICQ#, press the Chat button and you will be taken directly into Theology chat's Channel.


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