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Aaron's A to Z Index of Messianic Teachings- Over 170 Messianic teaching articles, and links to even more. Great source site to study Messianic perspectives.

ALEPH & TAV - Very informative Torah based Messianic site from Israel.

AMF International - What has become Christianity was an entirely Jewish phenomenon. The Messiahship of Yeshua was a debate within the Jewish community. As belief in Yeshua (whose name became "Jesus" in the Gentile world) spread and the church became predominantly gentile, measures were taken to divorce Christianity from its Jewish roots. AMF is commited to help Christians understand the Jewish roots of our faith and God's ongoing commitment to his Chosen People.

Ariel Ministries -A manuscript study, Are Jewish believers obligated to keep the Sabbath?, by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum.

Ariel Ministries - An Index of studies from Dr. Fruchtenbaums Radio program " The Messianic Bible study.

First Fruits of Zion - Torah based teachings which are meant to encourage the Body of Messiah to rediscover the wonderful gift of grace that the Torah truly is in the fullness of Yeshua.

Hebraic Heritage ministries- A site dedicated to teaching the Hebraic roots of Christianity.

Hebraic terms - A listing of some Hebraic terms and definitions.

Jews for Jesus - An organization dedicated to bringing the Gospel to the Jewish people.

Menorah Ministries - A Messianic Jewish resource and referral ministry about the Messiah, helping others to know Him, the Bible, Biblical Jewish roots of Christianity, Israel, Jesus (Yeshua), and God's plan of eternal redemption/salvation.

613 Mitzvos - These are the 613 Laws that comprise the Law of Moses or Torah. They are listed here and divided into positive and negative laws.

Messianic Bureau International - A door to the Messianic online community. Great site with a huge Messianic links page.

Orthodox Jewish B'rit Chadasha text - Orthodox Jewish B'rit Chadasha (Orthodox Jewish renewed Covenant), New Testament.

Rabbis house - Messianic internet ministry, with teaching articles, discussion boards and more.

Saltshakers olive oil - A site loaded with Messianic teaching articles from various ministries.

The Trinity, in light of the Tenach - The messianic position on the Trinity. By Milton B. Lindberg for AMFI.

YASHAnet Messianic congregations - A listing of Messianic congregations throughout the world.

Zola Levitt - A teaching and evangelistic association, working through gentiles to bring the gospel to the Jewish people.


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