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Christian Recovery International - Helping the Christian community to become a safe and helpful place for people recovering from addictions, abuse or trauma.

Hannah's Prayer - Christian Support for Fertility Challenges Including Infertility or the Death of a Baby at Any Time From Conception Through Early Infancy.

International Prayer network - Prayer Network is a ministry dedicated to the prayer needs of Israel. We appreciate and need your participation in praying for Israel.

National Prayer Center  - The purpose of the National Prayer Center is to visibly portray our Lord's desire that His house be a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13) And further, that people in need be ministered to and prayed with as they call 1 (800) 4-PRAYER.

Pastor care - Recognizes the unique role of Pastors as caregivers. Who do they or their spouses turn to when they are in need? Pastorcare provides needed help, safe and confidential, accessible, personal, concrete and specific:  a prayer intercessor, a hospitality host, a doctor, lawyer, employer or counselor all willing to offer help in time of need. 

Pastors Wives support board - The purpose of this page is to support and encourage pastor's wives.  If you are a pastor's wife and have a question, helpful suggestion, or just need to put your thoughts down this is your board.

Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles - Prayer profiles on unreached people groups. Each profile contains a photo, map, and information about the lifestyles, customs, and beliefs of the people and addresses specific prayer needs.