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Bible Basics from Net Ministries- Provides fundamental information about the Bible, where it came from, where to find various books or topics, and the history of the books it contains.

Challenge- Challenge is a debate journal and email discussion group existing for the purpose of defending the faith. Articles ranging from Bible inerrancy to internal issues in the church. Both sides respond in debate exchanges.

Council for Secular Humanism -The Council is North America’s leading organization for non-religious people. Secular humanists reject all supernatural and authoritarian beliefs. This link details the belief system.

Cyber Library - In cooperation with International school of Theology and Leadership U. The Cyber Library's purpose is to provide easy search access to a wide variety of full-text documents (mostly books), normally found in a seminary library.

Documents of Jewish Belief - An easy-to-use guide to source documents about the varying belief systems in the Jewish religion.

Ecumenism: The Gospel Betrayed - Catholics and Evangelicals Together? By Dave Hunt.

Grace Valley Christian Center- Search 7 Mb Reformed Biblical Teaching on the Grace Valley Christian Center Website.

Hall of Church History - The Hall of Church history is interesting and informative.The central hall takes you from the Church Fathers, through the Medieval Churchmen, to the Puritan and Reformed writers, to the more recent stalwarts of the faith.

Historic Church Documents - Early church Creeds, confessions, catechisms, sermons, statements. Also a complete translation with Notes From the Original 1599 Geneva Bible.

Huxley file - Letters written by Huxley and published during his lifetime. All ninety-three essays of the nine-volume Collected Essays are here, fifty from Scientific Memoirs, other papers that were not included in these collections, and selections from all his books.

ICL Net (internet Christian library)- A very high quality collection of Christian resources. Bibles in many languages, book collections, topical bibles, dictionaries, concordances, and many more study aids.

In-Depth Studies - In-Depth Studies is a theological outreach of Reformation Fellowship and home of The Reformation Statement, Theology On-Line, For His Name's Sake, and John G. Reisinger's work, Abraham's Four Seeds.

Internet Theology Resources, by School of Theology Major Areas - This guide is intended to assist searchers of theological and religious information on the Internet, and is arranged according to major areas of concentration in St. John's School of Theology Seminary.

Leadership U - A complete Theology discipline, Pastoral Theology, systematic theology, etc.. resource base and online journals. High degree of scholarly content.

Luther's 95 Theses - Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences Commonly Known as the 95 Theses By Dr. Martin Luther.

Online Latin and Greek dictionary- Search for words in Latin or Greek also type in an English word to find the Latin dictionary definitions that contain it.

Project Wittenberg -Works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans. Contains all manner of texts; short quotations, commentaries, hymns, statements of faith, theological treatises and biographies.

Spurgeon Archive- Pretty self explanatory, this is an excellent source site.

Stephens guide to logical fallacies - The point of an argument is to give reasons in support of some conclusion. An argument commits a fallacy when the reasons offered do not support the conclusion. These pages describe the known logical fallacies.