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Prayer and support is essential to our faith, Prayer is the breath of the soul, without which we have no power for ministry, or spiritual growth. Support is our opportunity to help those in need. We seek to mature in both these areas as G-d leads and gives us ability.

If you are searching for the truth concerning salvation and have questions, or are not certain you have eternal life and would like to be certain of this, or any other need including a confidential prayer request. you are welcome to contact a sysop on the sysops page. They will be pleased to offer their time by email, in this chat or by ICQ. We hope you will find this page useful.

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If you would like to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, click here


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Please observe our rules while using the forums. They are there to help ensure your visit to Theology Forums is an enjoyable one. Rules are listed on themoderators page.  

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icq praygrp.GIF (1928 bytes)   Support/Prayer interest group and IRC Chat - When you join the interest group, your personal ICQ communication panel will be placed on the group site. Do this by pressing "view my interest group" button, then press the join group link once at the group site. To chat on #IrCQ-Net, go to the group site below then just enter your handle and press the Chat button, you will be taken directly into Support/Prayer channel.

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